Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crunch and slice...

Our accident free streak has ended with a bang. We knew it was too good to be true. We hadn't even seen the inside of the emergency room here in Twin since our move, but alas, that has been thoroughly remedied. First Dallin then Jenna had ER worthy injuries--of course on Saturday and Sunday.

I must mention here that it was a mere 12 hours after we left our "room" (bed three in the hall way) that we were returned to the exact same non-room with Jenna. It's a good thing a new hospital is in the works!

We had Heidi (Rustin's sister) and Jim here with their 6 kids this weekend. We love to have them over. Our kids pick up and play like they never missed a beat. We took the four-wheelers up to the south hills to a beautiful little camp spot to ride for the afternoon. Dallin was riding with Landon. They went over a jump and Dallin slid off to the side. His right ankle got caught under the wheel of the four-wheeler and he broke the Talas bone in the center of his ankle (the bone that supports the tibia in the leg). For anyone who knows their fractures, it is called a Talar dome fracture. Man my anatomy terms are rusty!

Actually the bone is kind of crunched and wrinkled. So he is completely non-weight bearing for the next couple of weeks until we can see how things are going to heal up. If things heal just right he shouldn't have any future trouble but that will remain to be seen.

Now as for Jenna's activities:


Plus this

equals this

*P.S. Jenna insists I add more to the story.  The only reason Jenna cut her finger is because she tried to take the oh-so-sharp green knife away from Benson so he wouldn't cut himself and Benson tried to pull the knife away. What a sweet sis!*


Emily said...

AHH! Kim! What a stroke of bad luck! I think it is hilarious that you ended up in the same room of the ER within 12 hours!

rebecca said...

Oh, that's so sad for Dallin. Surprisingly, I've never been to the ER and I'm never had stitches.

Except for surgery and that little truck incident.

I'm glad that everyone is okay.

rebecca said...

I also wanted to say that the word "slice" makes me want to vomit.

That's all.

Kari said...

That long without an ER visit is beyond commendable!!! Bummer that you then ended up with 2 in 12 hours ... do your kiddos have good timing or what?! Hope the healing is going well!