Sunday, July 23, 2017

Twin Falls Pioneers!!

I love Pioneer day!  I have a special soft spot in my heart for Nauvoo.  Rustin's parents Darren and LoaLee are currently missionaries in Nauvoo and they are happier than I think I have ever seen them. There is something about the spirits of our ancestors that brings joy.

Our dear friends the Moffitt's turn their farm property into 'Nauvoo' every year at the 24th of July!  This year was awesome and it really touched my heart.  Somehow seeing everyone together turned my heart and memories to our ancestors. I think if we had to cross the plains today we would be an awesome group.  We would share and love and dance and sing!

The Children's Theater

Virginia Reel

Championship fiddlers!

Leeches in the Apothecary

Treats in the bakery!
Iron work in the blacksmith shop!

Just arrived from England!

Newlywed pioneers.  

Laundry done by hand and ironed with solid cast irons.  Yikes!

The finer ladies...

Horse back rides for all...

Britt--the mastermind behind it all!

Story time with handmade dolls.
The story was about Old Ephraim--a giant bear that lived down by Logan and caused all kinds of problems.  Rustin's great...grandfather even met up with that bear once! 

Jackson and Benson came in 'civilian' clothes.  
Jackson wasn't exactly happy so Benson helped him out a little bit...

I am so thankful to remember those who have gone before us but I was also reminded that I  don't have to cross the plains to be a pioneer! Every step that takes me through a trial is part of the pioneer legacy!

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