Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nauvoo for me

Rustin's grandparents (great, great, great...) came to Nauvoo from Vermont.  Captain Jeremiah Hatch  played the fife in the Revolutionary war.  His dad Nathaniel died in the war as part of the Vermont Green Mountain men.  'Captain' was a joking nickname that Jeremiah was given during the war because he was just a little guy.  After the Hatch family joined the church in Vermont, they eventually went west and settled in Nauvoo.  By then Jeremiah was in his sixties.  Their house still stands in Nauvoo today!  Jeremiah's  married son Hezekiah died in Nauvoo and his family was thrown out of their home in the fridgid weather to make the trek west. Eventually they ended up in Winter Quarters where both Jeremiah and his wife died in miserable conditions.  Their grandson Lorenzo (Hezekiah's son) eventually made his way to settle Franklin, Idaho where Rustin's family still lives today!

We have lots of other really amazing stories of sacrifice and love by our ancestors.  Many walked across the plains with handcarts or wagons.  One grandmother was with the ill-fated Martin handcart company.  Some left their friends and family and everything they knew in England to escape persecution after joining the church.  They all gave up their earthly possessions for their faith.  I always think of them when I find myself mourning the loss of the 'dream home' that only exists in the box of magazine clippings that I have kept under my bed since I was a teenager.  Today was the first time in a long time that I felt a wave of understanding fill my mind.  I think my grandmothers were whispering "Kim, don't worry so much about belongings--I sacrificed for your soul not for your decorative couch pillows."

When I ponder my faith and my testimony I often have this thought come to my mind--"either this gospel is all true or it isn't." I have asked myself that question in a million different situations and times in my life.  I am the only one that can determine where my faith will stand but I feel like I have the benefit of a dozen whisperings of encouragement and kindness coming from the other side of the veil.  Every now and then I have a breath of clarity come over me and I feel like I can see things clearly.  Today was one of those days.  I still don't exactly know what to do with the trials of day to day life but I'm sure that the Lord has a plan for me and I am certain that His plan is what I want. But there is always a little voice in the back of my head that is afraid of giving up all the dreams and truly embracing a life of service.  So I just take it a day at a time.  One step forward at a time.  I have been given just enough faith and happiness to get through the days that seem clouded.

And just for the record I think I could have been a pioneer just for the petticoats!!  
They totally hide curvy hips!!

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