Thursday, October 30, 2014


We have puppies at our house. They are adorable as always. 

We watched the sweetest thing with this last litter. Sadie had only one puppy for her first litter. Little fudge was four weeks old when Daisy had her pups. 

During Daisy's delivery we got to witness the sweetest thing. After a pup is born the mama is immediately attentive to cleaning the puppy (with some help from me) which helps stimulate breathing and gets blood flowing. The puppy then crawls up to the mom to snuggle and nurse and get warm. 
It's quite a thing to see a little deaf and blind newborn find and bond with her mother!
Once labor/pushing starts with the next pup the mom will stand up and start to pace and turn around so we move the already delivered puppy out of the way to make room for the next baby.

So, during Daisy's delivery we moved the pups into a dog bed just outside the whelping box where they started to whine and cry. 
That's where Sadie came in! 
She trotted over and licked the pups and then laid down in the bed so they could nurse and get warm. She stayed the entire four hours until Daisy was done delivering and we moved all seven puppies into the whelping box with her. So sweet! 
I love to see mothers helping each other. It reinforces my belief that we all need each other in this world.

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