Friday, October 24, 2014


Toddlers are funny. They just are. 
The kids are out of school today so we were laying in my bed this morning being entertained by Jackson. 

He was telling us stories about "when I was a little guy..."

Jackson tends to pick up on everything the big kids say. For a while he kept saying "oh my Gosh" which I don't like. So I've been trying to get him to say "oh my goodness" or " holy cow." 

This morning he kept saying 
"Holy Gosh." 

For a while Jack was saying "what the..." Whenever he was mad at something. While he wasn't saying anything bad it sounded very suspicious. So Benson taught him to say 'cheeseball.' 

It has morphed into a weird meaning where if Benson says 'Jack! Cheeseball!' Jackson will cry 'don't say cheeseball.' 

A few other weird ones:
When Jackson thinks it's time to do something he'll grab my face and say "mom, it's 6 o'clock."
Like in church he wants to go to nursery--'it's 6 o'clock.' 
Or he wants to have a snack 'it's 6 o'clock.'

When he wants my attention in general he puts his hands on both of my cheeks and smashes his forehead against my forehead so we can only see each other. 

When he gets super tired he'll say 'mom I'm too wiggly.' You know like those times when your head keeps nodding...

Right now Jack loves all racing. He has all his cars in a bucket and he races them down the slide or any of the ramps he has built. He and Benson also race all over the house--Ben on roller blades, Jack pushing his car. He cries whenever Ben beats him so one of the big boys will swoop in and hold Benson back so Jack can 'win.'  Just one of the many ways we are surely spoiling this boy. 

Man we love this kid!

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