Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homecoming 2014

The kids has a great time at the Homecoming dance this year. Thankfully the dance was better than the football game! We lost in overtime. Ouch. The Bruins have had a rough start this year... Hopefully they will find their feet and get going with future games. Landon isn't playing--he had three major surgeries during his sophomore year (all different injuries) and his shoulders need more time to heal. He's hoping to be able to wrestle later this winter but we'll see how things are going then. This fall he is running in cross country. It's totally different for his body which has been conditioned to perform repeated quick bursts of speed and strength rather than long slow endurance. He gives it 110% every time which we love about him. His first 5K ever time was 22 (very painful!) minutes. Good job Landon!

Dallin's doing great this year. No injuries. We are going to put one of those #of-days-since-our-last-accident clocks on the wall and do something awesome if we can reach one year.  He plays football (of course), right guard and middle linebacker. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Which will be a blessing for him forever. 

                   Dallin and Annika. 
 Gorgeous pictures by Kerrianne Burch

             Landon and Ashlyn

Thanks to the awesome girls in both of these groups. 
Cute. Modest. Fun. Happy. 
And next year we can win the game and have a perfect week altogether!

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