Friday, April 18, 2014


We had a great relief society meeting last night where we talked about growing things.
I learned some fun things about making plants grow but what I can't stop thinking about is my current task of growing children.

As we were watching the above clip, I  realized that Heavenly Father is really, truly the director of all of my mothering abilities.

The other night we were all sitting around the dinner table and Austin finished eating and left to go play on the computer.  I didn't really even notice that he left or that he was playing on the computer but I felt this pull to have him sit around the table with us.  I didn't consciously think "I better get Austin back in here because statistics say that families that sit around the table have more successful children." I just called Austin back because I felt that he was missing.  We had a great family conversation about goals and faith and our plans for the future.

I know that my prompting to call  Austin back was a direct reflection of my Heavenly Father's desire to have Austin be cared for and nurtured.  I've always thought I was a good mom because I do the right things.  But I am realizing that I do the right things because the Spirit is constantly working to direct me--wether I know it or not! It is ALWAYS the highest privilege to be directed by the Lord and to do what the Lord would do if He were here.  Its very humbling to realize the extent that the Lord is directing my life.  Even around the table. I am grateful.

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