Sunday, March 23, 2014

The big one.

I had a birthday.  A big one!  I always said I would love turning forty.  It turns out I didn't love it as much as I thought I would but there are a few great things about being my age: 

*I no longer have to feel peer pressure to do scary things.  No jumping off cliffs or house boats.  

*My kids are a lot of fun and much more pleasant than the labor intensive and completely exhausting younger days.  I always said I wouldn't have anyone in diapers when I was forty but I didn't know I would get cute little Jackson.  He wasn't quite potty trained for my birthday.  
But I don't mind a bit!

*Rustin just keeps getting better and better.  We know and love each other more as time passes.  Seriously.  

*I'm smarter.  I am!  I hate thinking about all that time I spent worrying about things that weren't really important.  I'm sure I'll say the same thing when I'm sixty! 

We went out to dinner with the whole family and Rustin picked out a delicious ice cream cake.  Which I ate.

I gave myself the best present.  
 I have lost 50 pounds!!
 Woo Hoo!  
Well probably more like 48 after the above incident...

What birthday present made me cry?

My dear friend Anna went on-line and found a bottle of my favorite discontinued hair gel.  I am seriously in a hair crises.  It took me until college to figure out how to make my hair behave.  Like any true curly girl, I have tried a million products and I always come back to one thing.  L'oreal melting gel and Pantene hydrating curls conditioner.  

So I just went on to Amazon and ordered a case or so of this gel before it's gone.  But then what am I going to do? My hair takes on the texture of felted wool without this gel.  I'm not kidding.  

For now I'm going to pretend like I don't' know that this gel is disappearing.  

And I am going to enjoy my forties!

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Jamie Hatch said...

Happy Birthday Kim! I didn't realize it was the BIG one!