Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Night Life.

The only thing worse than writhing in pain with the stomach flu at midnight is cleaning up after a little third grader with the stomach flu at 1 am.  At least he got 90% of it off the bed---10% even made it into the toilet! That boy is growing up!  
Landon is also sick today and Dallin missed last Friday with the pukes.  Now I feel bad I wasn't nicer to Dallin when he said he was sick.  
Only time will tell if we are going to make this a truly uniting family event.  Of course Rustin leaves tomorrow for a big snowmobile trip at Yellowstone (thanks to VisionSource--their buying group at work).  I hope he escapes the bugs.  

(Post-note--Rustin did NOT escape the pukes.  He spent almost two entire days in the hotel room alone in agony.  He didn't even get to go snowmobiling! Darn. )

In the mean time my kids have discovered iPhoto photo booth.  
The laughing and entertainment seem to be never-ending.  They all sit around on the counters (on top of the counters) in the kitchen and at the desk while I make dinner.  
Good think I have such attractive children.

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Jamie Hatch said...

I love those silly faces, but am never sure what to do with them after the fact. I think I'm ready to print my blog too, so let me know what you decide, since your printed books where my inspiration to start blogging in the first place.