Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whelping box plans

Our puppies are growing like crazy.  So far they have all survived living with Jackson which is no small feat.  Last night he caught a chicken, brought it in the house through the dog door and threw it in the whelping box with the puppies.  Sheesh.  He frequently 'accidentally' drops his toys on the puppies or stands balanced in the doorway while watching to see if I am looking.  I think he's trying to make sure that the puppies don't get more attention then he does.  

The pups are in a box in the big upstairs family room.  We put a piece of linoleum under the box and topped it with a rubber backed pad.  The whelping box has been awesome!  I mean AWESOME!  Darren helped me build it using my dad's shop and some wood we scrounged over there.  

Jackson had to test it out to make sure would be useful.
Have a mentioned that he has an obsession with lining things up lately? 
Everything from shoes to cucumbers to cars...
I'll have to post some pictures. 

I wrote all about the box design over at the Family Dog Blog.  

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