Monday, May 6, 2013

Nature vs. Nurture

These blossoms smell delicious.  My sweet smelling backyard can totally transport me to a happy place.  I wish trees bloomed all year round!  Spring is fun. 

So It turns out we only have a 25% survival rate for our little chicks.  Out of eight purchased only two are still with us...

...Completely due to the abundance of chick predators in our back yard.

Really it's mostly Jackson. 
We have fortified the fence around the coop so hopefully
Chick Massacre 2013 has ended.  

 Thankfully some of the Hatch children have a nurturing spirit or we might be questioning our parenting abilities right now. 

Penny is a good mama hen.  She is FLUFFY.  She is so soft and downy I am tempted to snuggle up with her...

I find it somewhat reassuring that I am not the only mother on Earth who gets a bit fluffy when caring for babies...

We are obviously easily entertained.  We spend way too much time watching the mama and chicks.  When Penny finds a particularly appetizing bit of food ie. worm, (did you know chickens can seriously dig? They can...) she does this particular little cluck and the babies come running. 

Twenty-nine days of school left. (according to Benson) 
Woo Hoo!


Jamie Hatch said...

Does Jenna seriously have those chicks in her shirt? So, the chick adoption worked? I bet that's got to be so much easier than what we are going through trying to improvise a temporary shelter until they are big enough.

sariah said...

i love your pictures! So beautiful! Buff Orpington's have always been my favorite- they're so motherly looking.