Friday, July 20, 2012

I lost my camera cord and other excuses...

For some reason I can't blog without pictures.  I guess I figure my thoughts aren't interesting enough on their own.  Most of the things I really want to remember are pictures!

This week I have been having that "past-the halfway through summer mark" panic that sets in every year at this time. 

I feel this tightness in my chest and a fluttery panic in my stomach.

What is that about?

I don't like it when the kids go to school.  It feels like some really important and exciting event is ending and I didn't enjoy it enough. Or I didn't take advantage of it enough. Or I didn't make them do enough projects around the house--like helping me paint the ceilings (which is way easier for the 6 ft+ members of my family...), build that beautiful deck I have imagined outside or at least clean out all the closets!

It's not like the kids disappear when school starts, right? And we still have 6 weeks so no worries...

I have lots to write about--Jenna's 9th birthday, our Hatch family handcart trek, cousins, a chicken coop in the making and a million other awesome summer memories. I'll get to the writing as soon as the laundry is done and I find my camera. 

In other words...don't hold your breath.


sariah said...

I'm having that same feeling! When I wrote July 20 on a check yesterday I cringed out loud. Summer used to seem interminable. Now it's a blink.

lilybit said...

i really only blog when I have pictures.