Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pick a puppy

After traveling the world for 15 years my sister and her family are about to embark on their biggest journey yet:  they're getting a dog.

Being the mother-hen-oldest-sister that I am, I'm offering the cliff notes version of puppy training theories. I read them all and we tried most of them before we finally figured out what works best for us.

From our first rescued nippy miniature schnauzer Murphy,

 To our hyper and very distract-able and lovable beagle Molly,

and her puppies,

to our current easy going family boy Beau,

we have tried a lot of training strategies and made a lot of mistakes.

Trial and error is not the most effective way to learn.  

So here is my first suggestion:  watch this Caesar Milan video and then read the book if you are so inclined.  Can't go wrong with the Dog Whisperer.

How to Raise a perfect Puppy--Caesar Milan

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Jamie Hatch said...

what's happened to all those other dogs? I'd forgotten you'd even had them. You've sure had some cuties!