Monday, February 6, 2012

Stop action film

Jackson is a busy baby.  He has been like that since he figured out how to move.  He started walking this last week or so--9 1/2 months. That's just a little later than Dallin's and Landon's walking age.  Of course we thought it was great with Dallin and Landon.  We are wiser this time around and wish we could postpone the inevitable loss of parental control that starts with walking.

But it sure is cute.
Scroll through the pictures to get an idea of what is keeping us entertained pretty much all the time.


Jamie Hatch said...

so very awesome! You are loosing your baby a little too early. (not awesome!) Once they walk they turn toddler on you! I have mixed feelings about Gavin: to walk or not to walk?

sariah said...

So CUTE!!! 9 1/2 months is so young to walk! Leif walked at 10 months which was the earliest of any of my children. I was hoping he'd be a 14 month old walker. Nope. :-)

Juli said...

Woah! He's too little!! You just tell him he has to stay a baby for a very long time. Next he will get a big kid hair cut and people will start calling him "sir."