Saturday, October 1, 2011

making me love my bed

Last weekend Jenna and I had our own Night at the Museum.  We got a group of girls together (thanks Shelly!) and packed our pillows and blankets and spent the night at the Herrett Center.  We looked at stars and tasted all kinds of chocolate and made banana bread at midnight.  Rustin kept Jackson and he had (and took!) his first bottle ever.
We slept under the jungle display.
I use the term slept liberally.
 I don't think adults are meant to sleep on hard floors.
Adults are absolutely not meant to sleep on hard floors.  I hope she remembers this forever.  Over and out.


Juli said...

That's so cool! I want to come next year.

sariah said...

You are such a nice mom!! I have a hard time sleeping on a mattress these days, IF it's not my own. A hard floor would be torture!!

beck said...

That's really fun. When did they start doing that? They do it here at the dinosaur museum sometimes. Scary.