Sunday, October 9, 2011

boomerang baby

We had a five day weekend. I love having kids home but we were busy with football practices and games the whole time. I was seriously tempted to unplug the phone and turn off the lights and pretend like we were out of town the entire weekend but I was outvoted.

We did get a few rainy days. Somehow I don't mind the rain--it feels like a good excuse to stay home. ( I'm afraid I am a bit of an agoraphobe these days. Or maybe just a bit lazy? Overwhelmed?) It also usually seems like a good excuse to make bread, soup, brownies, cookies, muffins, waffles... Rainy days are super healthy.

Jackson is now SIX months!  He weighs 17.8 pounds and he is one busy baby.  He scoots all over the floor and crawls on occasion when he remembers to uncross his ankles.  He giggles and grabs and eats (this boy LOVES solid food--I've never had one eat so early...) but he also slobbers, chews and 'fusses' to get things he wants.

When he is in a particularly slobbery, chewy, fussy state he becomes boomerang baby.  I send him out with Jenna and he comes back with Benson.  Then I send him out with Benson and he comes back with Dallin.  And then I send him out with Dallin and he comes back with Landon.  You get the picture.

All I can say is it's a good thing he's so darn cute!


Spencer P. said...

I can't wait to let Sam and Jackson hang out!

zombie_kitty5 said...

Rainy days are the best! It has been raining out here a bit, and it has been wonderful.

Reading your posts, all I can say is you are a super hero. I am in awe and inspired by you and your family. How do you do it?! I don't think you are lazy, or an agoraphobe, lol! I think the rain reminds you to slow down a bit, so take its hint Super Mama!