Monday, June 7, 2010

Got fairies?

Losing teeth is hard when you're little.  Sometimes it requires a certain amount of incentive to keep the little ones from panicing at the site of a wiggly tooth.  Thus the invention of the Tooth Fairy.  

 Anyone who know me, knows this is a sticky situation in the best of circumstances.  Remembering to remember is not one of my strong characteristics.  

Jenna has ultra organizing abilities and she can remember to put her tooth under the pillow without any prompts from her parents which usually means it takes a couple of nights before the tooth fairy actually shows up.

She lost a tooth on the last day of school and after two nights of disappointment she tacked this to her door.
But alas, the tooth fairy was sleepy, so it wasn't until midnight when a very thoughtful older brother remembered the look of disappointment on her face the previous morning when she realized  she had been forgotten once again. He came up with a very fun plan.  A trail of pennies (his own life savings...) lead from the pillow to the dining room with a note from the Fairy.


She loved it!


Fonda said...

This is the sweetest thing ever. What a great brother.
The tooth fairy forgets to come to our home too.

Jamie H said...

I love it! What great kids you have!

VicandNanc said...

Oh, that is just too clever & cute. You have the cutest little family... and good luck getting to Disneyland :)

Juli said...

That is so creative!