Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And they're off!

Scout Camp 2010
The Beverly Hillbillies got nothin' on a couple of Idaho scouts.

Dallin and Landon are off to Camp Bradley for a week of National Youth Leadership Training.  If I had my way they would have had coats (not just a couple of jackets) and a couple more blankets stuffed in there but they were determined to carry everything in one pack.  

Of course the weather forecast says it is going to be 25 degrees tonight with chances of rain and snow.  I'm trying not to worry...

We are definitely missing our 'big boys' around here---there's an entire bag of chips sitting in the cupboard (unopened!!!) and neither Jenna or Benson has been dangled over the window wells in the last three days. And Austin and I have to mow the lawn all by ourselves.
What will we do...

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VicandNanc said...

Those packs make me laugh, I think I would just tip over!