Saturday, January 2, 2010

Random Christmas pictures 2009

So I can remember--
Christmas morning hot chocolate.
3/4 gallon whole milk scalded
1 entire jar mint truffle hot chocolate mix
2 cups fresh heavy cream softly whipped with 1/4 cup sugar
4 loaves freshly baked  bread toasted with real butter

Gifts from each other aren't opened until after breakfast.  The Favorite part of the entire morning (the kids all say...)
This year we had a progressive dinner, Kendra's house for appetizers (yummy mushroom tarts!), our house for salads and dinner entertainment (thanks to Ethan, Jenna and Benson) and then steak and shrimp at Mom and Dad Patterson's.  Yum!  We missed the Kendricks this year for the first time I can remember... and we really missed the Hatch party this year (but we got to add Ariel to the family--not a bad trade off!!).  Next year we will cut down trees and make wreaths and trade presents and have a talent show...  
P.S. to my house.  I am sorry you didn't get to put on anything pretty this year.  Thanks for sheltering us from the storms anyway.   I have fun plans for you next year.  I promise!

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