Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We spent yesterday at the Twin Falls County Fair. Of course most of that time was mandatory scout fund raiser project working in a food booth. Rustin however, totally hit the Jackpot. He was asked to be a judge of the chocolate baked goods entries. Oh yes. He tortured himself trying to choose between 48 different chocolate entries.The biggest surprise--the cheese cake that he rated last on his list (very, very mocha flavored with chocolate covered coffee beans...) won first place in the cheese cake entries. Guess the rest of the judges like coffee...

I love the fair. Love it.I love the animals and 4-H barns and home made quilts. I am going to enter something one of these days just for fun. After Jenna's 1st grade class went to the fair for a field trip Jenna wrote that the smell she remembered from the fair was "poo." Accurate huh! The dairy barn took me straight back to my childhood finding little nests of newborn kittens in the grain piles and searching for eggs in the haystacks.

I also love chickens. Seriously it makes me yearn for a life that I'm not sure I can have. Barefoot kids swinging from the barn rafters and brown eggs in the fridge for breakfast... I am plotting ways that I can sneak a little coup in my back yard. Maybe I could bribe the neighbors with one of those coffee cheesecakes.?

If not chickens then maybe a bunny. Could chickens and bunnies live in the same pen? Don't tell the kids I'm considering it. I will never hear the end of it!

It was a great day but this morning I am back to the "fun" of keeping a house ready to be sold, running kids to activities trying to coerce kids to practice music (they will thank me someday right?) and the joys of elementary math homework. And laundry. Did I mention laundry?

I was feeling overwhelmed this morning. But then I realized that my kids are growing faster than the fair bunnies. Pretty soon I won't even be able to do their math homework. I have everyone home and healthy and happy. My husband loves me and I love him and we are doing our best to do our best.

My Jackpot may not be quite as sweet today as Rustin's was yesterday, but I have a feeling it will be the jackpot to beat all jackpots someday.


Ash said...

huh? eggs in hay? Kittens in grain? Where did you grow up? And with whom, I remember non of those things!

Kimberly said...

Just ask Juli--Grandpa Singleton's farm of course. We actually would usually find the kittens more like in the lilac bush. I didn't mention the flood barn filled with "cool" stuff or making hay bales into a giant maze in the hay loft of the barn (and having major claustrophobia) or dipping milk for grandma right out of the milking barn or getting leaches while swimming in the pond...Sorry you missed it. But I never got to go to Europe. Fair trade?

Kimberly said...

And did I mention that one time we were trying to make a cake but we didn't have enough eggs so grandma sent us out to search for one and the one we found (in the haystack behind the milking barn) was a double yoke. I was really proud of myself.