Monday, August 31, 2009

Remember when they looked like this?

Weren't they just starting kindergarten with 'Austy' waiting at the window? Remember when Dallin was bigger than Landon? Things change in a hurry don't they.

I did not like the first day of school this year. Something about letting Dallin and Landon out at the curb of middle school...
I could see the anxious feelings on their faces. Will I find my classes? Will I ever see my brother? Will I be all alone all day? In kindergarten at least I knew that there were teachers that expected to help with everything from shoes and stubborn buttons to the ABC's. Middle school not so much. The challenging school work with the difficulty of staying organized with seven classes... This growing up stuff is hard. At least for me. The boys seem to be doing great although they really don't see each other much at all which is proving to be quite an adjustment.

Austin is loving fourth grade. He is invited to move to a different school and be in an advanced fourth grade class. We are still debating whether that is the right thing to do or not.

Jenna loves 1st grade although she is definately ready for bed earlier than she thinks. She has started up with violin again.

I have adjusted our reading a bit--Jenna and Benson really aren't interested in Harry Potter and the Hobbit (which we just reread--I love that book!). So I am reading with just those two a little earlier. Right now we are reading Stuart Little, which they are both listening to (as opposed to instantly falling asleep...). The big boys wanted to reread Harry number six after watching the movie (which cut out all the best parts according to Dallin).

Rustin is doing really well with work and church. He handles the stress better and better each day.

The skin on my hand has a mottled freckle-like appearance. Is that a sign of any weird illness? I hope not. I'm still busy trying to organize everything.

I should have the missionaries apartment completely finished (after the four floods...) by tomorrow. The bathroom on the other house flooded (that makes number six total for us...). We don't know why. I think this is starting to feel like a way of life. We are just about finished with the repairs of the major pipe break there from last month (new walls, paint and carpet). Hopefully we can get it sold.

Hope everyone has a great week and labor day vacation!


Larson 7 said...

Those pics are how I remember your boys! I agree growing up is hard to do. Harder on me than my kids!

Nicole said...

I still think of your boys about that size! We miss you guys here in Page!

beck said...

Cute little Austie. They were always making funny faces for the camera.

Now they're big and smelly.

And still really adorable.

Seth and Sierra said...

Hey Kim! I'm so glad you found my blog :) Now I can take a peek at yours too! I love it, btw. Your dog one is really cute as well!
Sounds like things are pretty busy for you and your family lately! I hope that your load gets lightened some.
...that post about the finger...yah...that scar is awesome...and gross haha
I don't like how fast these kids grow either.

Emily said...

Kim, I am so impressed by your survival skills! You've got all your ducks (kids) in a row AND re-fixing an apartment AND orchestrating flood damage repair AND reading classics to your kids AND team-working with Bishop Hatch AND managing Pre-teens. Whew! What a woman!!

Spencer P. said...

Grant thinks that picture is really funny!