Sunday, September 27, 2009


Here's one good reason to get the bunk bed project finished.

(yes those are five kids sleeping on the floor)

Here's the reason that it might take me a bit longer than planned.

I guess the kids did inherit something from me after all. A bit of clumsiness. ouch.

Does a thumb with five stitches count as an excuse to have laundry waiting to be done?
I say it does.

The old big bulky beds are now downstairs in the missionaries' apartment. The new beds won't take up as much space and will have lots more storage. If I ever get them finished.

We are Loving the fall-ish weather. Jackets in the morning--shorts in the afternoon. Perfect corn, tomatoes, apples and all kinds of yummy stuff.

And of course football. The three big boys are loving football but they secretly can't wait until they have afternoons free again. So they can practice the piano. uh-huh.

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VicandNanc said...

Yes, Jenna was quite proud about your stitches & made sure everyone knew her mom had them!