Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are you ready for some ...


This is pretty much what Saturday mornings look like at our house this time of the year.

We also took advantage of the last of the 100 degree weather. We are all ready for a new school year to start tomorrow morning. Summer was definately too fast. It feels like time is slipping through my fingers.

Speaking of fingers--on Friday Jenna sliced her finger badly enough that it is still bleeding a bit today. She was so terrified of getting stitches that she kept saying "it's just a tiny scratch," as it was bleeding through her fingers. So we just wrapped up it with some bandages. All well.

This week we also had Benson's follow-up x-ray on his collar bone. We discovered that the bone was actually broken in several places (they were less than informative in New Mexico...). It has a HUGE lump and is still slightly deformed but being four has its advantages. It should eventually heal straight.

Dallin and Landon start middle school tomorrow at the same school I attended not too long ago ;)! Seven classes and lockers and everything... They are both taller than me. How did that happen when I wasn't looking?... I know it will be a great year for all of us.

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