Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear Shon and Juli,

You have been gone away from home for a long time so I thought you could use an update...

How is Australia? I'm sure you are exhausted from all the travel (wasn't it like 30 hours?).

A house of 12 cousins is surely a ton of fun--for the cousins! We will have to show you pictures of the AWESOME water park we created on mom and dad's lawn.

Your kids are giggly and very happy.
(except for Bryce--he's definately happy but I wouldn't use giggly--unless he is playing Mario brothers with Austin... And he and Austin definately didn't giggle when I told them they had to move a big pile of rocks to earn some video playing time...)

The kids made a giant parade of toys this morning. I'm pretty sure I heard something about going to the prom... I'm sure you can guess who thought of that.

Then they built a jump so they could "play" spirit. Very fun.

Anyway--be safe and enjoy the 26 hours of quiet solitude at 20,000 feet while you have it!

Love, the best aunt in the world (okay, there are a few others who get that title too...)

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Juli said...

Kim - You are the best big sister. I would be absolutely mental (australian term) with worry about my children. As they are in good hands, I think I'll relax and have a little brecky (another aussie term - means breakfast) with my hubby.