Sunday, July 19, 2009

Deep Water

Our High Council speaker today used several analogies that talked about being in 'deep water' spiritually and physically.

He said that if we find ourselves in deep water we shouldn't fear because we are in good company. There are many, many examples of modern day and scriptural people who were 'rescued' from the water by a loving Father in heaven.

It felt extremely applicable to me today. Our basement in this home has flooded three times since we moved in. Each time was caused from a different source of water. We fixed the carpet and the water damage after each flood only to have it repeat itself. It has been expensive and discouraging for us and for the missionaries who live in the basement. This last time we finally got our contractor in here and did every possible fix we could come up with--deeper window wells with lots of drainage, new metal liners and completely new windows as well as newly replaced dry wall. Of course it is not covered by our insurance.

You can imagine the joy we felt last night when we went over to check on the house that is for sale and found the basement completely flooded. Oh Yes. Are we doing something wrong here? This leak was caused by a pipe in the wall that burst. Thankfully this one will be covered by insurance so we don't have to do all the clean-up labor ourselves. But still. It feels like pretty deep water.

Other than that we are well. Benson seems to feel a lot better today. He hasn't needed as much pain medicine. It helps to keep things wrapped up really well. He sleeps pretty well in his little nest with Austin.

Dallin took it upon himself to teach Austin to play chess this afternoon (ie totally beat him...).
Austin thought it was fun though.

We had our last swim meet of the summer as we will be gone for the rest. The three boys did really well and improved their times dramatically over the summer. The best improvement was from Dallin in butterfly. He is really getting it down.

We are looking forward to some time camping with family and enjoying each other without any distractions over the next week. I'm definately not ready for summer to end!


Ash said...

I thought that picture of Aust and Ben was Aust and Brice! Ben's getting big!

Kari said...

Oh, Kim ... it's been too long since I checked in on you!!!! Sorry to hear of another medical mishap - I totally remember the snorkel through the roof of the mouth accident! Hope things continue to look up :)