Monday, July 27, 2009

Ahhhh--heaven (except for mosquitoes!)

A photo journey through the wind river mountains of Wyoming with the entire Hatch Clan...

We went on long hikes (with treasure at the end),

took naps in the sun,

(Jenna and Hannah in the "flower beds")

met new cousins

and Great Grandma (and pa) and all the great heritage that we have received.
We also had canoes, swimming (brrrrrr), games and 4-wheelers.

I won't mention the Mosquitoes. I think we discovered a new species. We are sure they were hanging out in the lab with spiderman. I think our skin must neutralize the bug spray.
Or we are extremely sweet.
We had lots of time to relax and reflect which is exactly what we have been needing. Now, back to laundry and bills--with new perspective. And Gratitude.


sariah said...

That looks so beautiful! Mountains are the best! But I know what you mean about mosquitos- they were awful this year at Alturas too and the repellent hardly seemed to work.

jlohran said...

Looks like so much fun! It is so fun to see your blog and keep up with the goings on with the Hatch's! BTW: Not much luck with misquitos this year!