Thursday, April 23, 2009

Self imposed snow day

One week ago we woke up to the shocking sight of a couple solid inches of snow on the ground and plenty more still falling from the gray sky. I had meticulously washed, sorted and packed all the winter clothes the weekend before (Easter weekend) and they were already moved out of the house. What was a girl supposed to do?!

I called all four teachers and sheepishly told them the their respective Hatch students wouldn't be in to school for the day. No explanations given. Hee Hee.

I made a deal with the kids that they could stay home but it would be a day of work.
I had them help me sort and clean the back storage room and their dressers which they were happy to do.

Before we started all the chores I found the basement eerily quiet. I went upstairs to find all five kids dancing wildly in Austin's room. It was awesome. We actually had a really great day. Though I hope there is no need to repeat it any time soon!

**For our records, we are now in book nine of the Tennis Shoes series. Landon leap-frogged us and is in book 10.**


Anne said...

I LOVE snow days! Even if they are not official. And I bet the kids loved staying home and working!!

sariah said...

What a fun day! I know what you mean about putting away the winter gear.....I just did it for the second and hopefully FINAL time!

Larson 7 said...

You are such a fun mom!