Friday, July 25, 2008

Oakley Rodeo

Yesterday was the 24th of July. This is always a great time to appreciate and remember our heritage. Rustin and I both had early pioneer ancestors who came across the plains with handcarts,wagons and boats. Our primary had a parade from the church to the park which was lots of fun for the kids. In the afternoon we headed out to Oakley for the kids rodeo.

Benson took one look at the mutton busting and saw the kids hitting the dirt and said "no thanks". Jenna cried that we didn't let her ride but she never would have done it :)

Austin rode the calves--with his toes just about touching the ground! Here he is waiting for his turn--a little nervous before his ride. He bravely held on for a few seconds before he bit the dust.

Dallin and Landon rode the steers. They were much bigger and more serious than we had anticipated. While waiting in the stalls the steer were bucking and jumping and ramming the sides of the gates. The boys were absolutely thrilled.

Dallin strapping in before his ride.


Dallin stuck like glue for four good bucks before he bit the dust. I didn't get it on video. He has a few aching muscles to prove his braveness. Did I mention that this child already had stitches this week? He ripped his arm open climbing a fence. I'll have to write about that later I guess.

Landon's ride landed him in the ambulance. He was one of the last to ride. He got the biggest and rankest steer of the lot. Seriously. Dallin had to leave the stall because he was to nervous to watch what he was sure was Landon's impending demise. Rustin was thinking "man I'm a crappy dad for letting him do this..." One of the clowns rode Landon's steer for only two bucks right before Landon.

He didn't actually go to the hospital. They checked him out at the rodeo and recommended we take him in but we opted to drive home first. He was quite a bit better when we got home and got a couple of Advil. He is fine this morning. Very sore and achy but totally thrilled with his adventure. If you look in the picture in the ambulance you can see the outline of the steer's hoof on his calf where it rubbed the skin off and a bruise starting to form. He also has a big swollen hand but we think he will be fine.

I think they are cured of any desire to join the rodeo circuit but who knows--they may decide to ride again next year!

Jules here's a picture for you--look familiar?...


Juli said...

Kim, your boys are TOUGH. Nice wranglers. And what is Ivy doing on your blog. I'm laughing. It's a small world.

Emily said...

That was CRAZY!!! Spencer and I can't believe that your boys did that! Wow! They are brave! you guys are cool parents!!! My grandpa grew up in Oakley so I've seen the exciting rodeo, by the way!!!