Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jenna's 5th Birthday

Our little Jenna turned five on Friday. This was a much anticipated day around here. My mom and I made the cutest birthday cake ever...

and Jenna got lots of fun girl stuff. We noticed that she is the only kid who truly loves to open clothes!

She didn't actually get her ears pierced. We all chickened out--she's just wearing little stickers.

We also had a birthday party with the cutest cakes ever (if I do say so myself!). The girls painted their fingernails and crowns. The boys made swords and then spent the rest of the time fighting with each other.

Look at those blue eyed cuties!

We had Jotham and Jamie here for the weekend which was really fun. I think the highlight for Jamie and me was the Parade of Homes. Benson and Mark were two little peas in a pod as usual. The other kids had a lot of fun as well.

We had our own little dance on Saturday night which the kids loved (we really need more girls)! In all it was a great weekend. We have my sister Juli here with her kids for this next week which is sure to be non-stop fun. I think the 4th of July is one of the best holidays ever. We are looking forward to having everyone home!


rebecca said...

Those cakes really are awesome. Nice work. I can't believe you made a cake for each girl. I suppose that's why I don't have a girl. She'd get a piece of junk cake like Ethan got last year.

jlohran said...

Happy birthday Jenna-- m an she looks like a Hatch!

Cassie said...
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The White Wash said...

WOW on the cake. I made one similar for Kinz, but not NEAR as well done and as for one for each girl-- no way. She is truly the princess. Love those girls. Take care, Missy

Kari said...

Holy fun birthday party!!! I'm completely impressed with the cakes :) I can't believe she is 5 ... seems like just yesterday we were graduating and we were both pregnant!