Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time out for puppies.

Underdog goes to her new home in Rexburg today. That leaves us with Freckle and Gus (Gus goes to Nevada on Friday) for another week.

Freckle soaking up the sun

Yesterday Gus wouldn't stop trying to nurse Molly. She hasn't let them nurse for quite a while so I don't know why he keeps trying. Molly clearly lost her patience with this impertinent little boy and she pinned him to the floor where he squirmed and yelped. After a minute he gave up and laid quietly.

 Jenna and I were watching the whole thing. When Gus finally gave in, Jenna started laughing,
"Look mom, Gus is in time out!"

 I thought it was cute. Incidentally, the puppies are all sleeping through the night now only waking up at around six.

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