Sunday, June 22, 2014

Catching up--Puerto Rico part two

After we returned from Viegas island we went to my parents' apartment.  It is a nice little three bedroom apartment with a swimming pool.  We thought the temperature and humidity were sweltering but my parents have obviously acclimated.  They kept commenting about how we didn't even need to use an air conditioner because the trade wind breezes were so nice.  
Whenever they weren't looking we were all huddled in the bedroom with the wall air conditioner!  Ha!

We spent Monday at Old San Juan.  My dad had to go in to the mission office to help with some projects but my mom was able to sneak away with us.  The other senior couple in the office were able to cover my mom's housing related tasks for a couple of days.  We caught a little trolly and rode around the peninsula.  There is a huge old fort that defended the island because it was the major port and the first accessed port (because of the way ocean currents run) accessed by all travelers in the Caribbean, especially before the Panama canal was finished.  

We flew kites on the big huge lawn in between the fort and the ocean.  Our string broke--those trade winds are seriously strong!

We bought some fun souvenirs.  Of course the boys were all fascinated with some big "awesome" knives.  I totally don't get that.  I was excited about the hammock Rustin picked out! Jenna and I picked jewelry.  Of course.  It's so fun that I have someone to share cute things with!

We talked with some local people on the trollies.  It was fun to hear their perspective on the island.  There were more tourists in Old San Juan than any other place we visited.  We are glad that we got to visit the less tourist-y parts of the island.

It is impossible to capture the beauty of the blue colors with the cool breezes in the warm tropical air. Just stunning. 

We ate traditional mufungo (smashed plantain seasoned with lots of garlic and stuffed with different meats) at an awesome little restaurant that had the wait staff dressed in the traditional 1800's clothing.  We loved the mufungo but the frosty fruity drinks were the biggest hit.  

On Monday night we had some people from my parents' branch over for dessert.  It was so fun to meet them.  What a sweet spirit of conversion they have! I love hearing the testimonies of my fellow brothers and sisters.  It reminds me that the gospel has bigger meaning and purpose.  Sometimes its easy to get stuck in my little corner of life.  The spirit of missionary work really is refreshing. 

On Tuesday before we had to leave, we walked through the little Children's Park near my parents apartment.  The park there had a swing set for children in wheelchairs.  It is really cool!  There is a platform big enough for a wheelchair to strap on and then swing.  The whole park is filled with statues of children playing.  I love that people put so much time and energy into making things beautiful and enjoyable.  

The patio at my parents apartment looks like a tropical oasis!

Finally we  boarded a plane and said goodbye to a beautiful corner of the world.

We love you Puerto Rico!

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