Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Up. Up. Up.

This kid had a birthday.  He is now THREE!
or so...

He just started wearing BIG BOY undies!
For the first day he would say "I'n not big, I'n little!"
Having Five potty training helpers is seriously the Best! 
I had them all here for the first four days and he was pretty much completely dry all day and night by the time they went back to school.

"Go put your undies on Jack!"

Maybe we will escape nighttime pull-ups! 

Actually I'm trying out a  theory that pull ups prolong bed wetting.  The bedwetters that I've had (three out of five so far...) have not been able to stop wetting the bed until we finally just stopped pull-ups and lived with the wet bedding for a while.  Like months...  Maybe the subconscious doesn't get tuned in to staying dry when there are pull-ups?  
I don't know.  
Truthfully there are probably just some kids who wet the bed and some who don't.  
I gave up thinking any amount of brilliant parenting can change the nature and abilities of my kids a long time ago!  I have just learned to enjoy the strengths and let them work out the weaknesses.  

A few things about Jack--

*He sleeps with Benson (and whoever else decides to join them in their bed) every night. 
*He stopped taking naps LONG ago
*It isn't unusual for him to go to sleep at 6 at night.
*He never really slept well in a crib.  He didn't start sleeping through the night consistently until I put him in bed with Benson at 13 or 14 months. 
*He loves The Goofy Movie. 
*He talks a. lot. and he pronounces his sounds really well.
*He sings. Currently "Let it Go..."
*He loves to hang out with Rustin.  Sometimes he wanders around the house calling "Dad-dy..." Rustin used to put him to sleep every night when Jack was tiny. 
*He will choose to be comforted/snuggled by Dallin or Landon as much as by me on many occasions.
*He has the cutest dimple and big blue eyes--ever.    
We LOVE every second of childhood with this little man.  

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Jamie Hatch said...

yeah! Happy Birthday Jack... I've never had bed wetters, but I think you are right. Good luck with that!