Sunday, November 3, 2013

Catching up

Hey everyone!
How was Halloween?
We had a great Halloween! But Halloween is always great isn't it?  We went to our traditional ward party.  I love ward parties...
I was a dud with costumes this year.  Benson was yet another version of a Hobbit (three years running).   I think he was a Hobbit wizard? I don't know but he had a cool staff and hat so he was happy.  Jackson wore the leopard costume that all five of his siblings have worn.  So cute! And he said trick-or-treat to everyone he saw. Jenna and Austin scrounged costumes from the box.  It was fun.  I love Fall and our weather has been absolutely perfect with some of the most beautiful fall colors we've had in years.

Is it me or is Christmas already creeping in?
I have big plans to have all our Christmas shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving.
I always say that but this is going to be my year...

Here's what we've been up to:

Landon had surgery on his knee.  They removed the mangled portion of his meniscus in his right knee.  His knee felt better almost immediately.  Though whatever they gave him during this surgery (general anesthesia always makes me nervous...) made him sick and he threw up for a day or so.  Poor kid! His knee felt great though--he walked out of the hospital and only took one pain pill. He spent a couple of days laying around on the couch but bounced right back.  As usual.   His shoulder still hurts.  He is in physical therapy and hoping that he will be able to wrestle.  We'll see.

The boys' football team won the district championship so we start state playoffs next weekend here at home.  Dallin has been starting offense and defense. Yea! We wish Landon was playing...  I have discovered that I love watching football and it's even more fun when my kids are playing. 

Austin finished his football year.  He played offense and defense and did great.  He is busy with wrestling.  All three boys keep reminding that they need wrestling food---which means lean meat and vegetables.  Good for all of us...

We took family pictures last week.  I've been working on Christmas cards.  Can I just say that pictures with a wiggly grumpy toddler equals a million hours on Photoshop...

But Jack sure is a cutie lately! He came in our room at 5:30 this morning and snuggled up and went back to sleep with me.  I love moments like that.  He is talking like crazy.  It is so fun to hear what he thinks.  He says all his colors wrong which makes the kids laugh.  I keep asking if he wants to go on the potty like Benson and he says "no way." Darn.

Rustin is loving his new office.  Everything about it is great and he is really busy.  Also great.  He has been super busy with bishop things lately.  Yesterday we were cleaning up and singing along to one of Austin's favorite playlists--a bunch of minecraft parody songs--and Rustin commented that he had never heard any of them.  So funny.  I don't think any of us notice how much he is gone until something like that comes up. We have been blessed though.  I don't think the kids feel any lack of involvement or presence from their dad no matter how busy he gets.  That is just one of those compensating blessings I guess.  We are grateful.

Hope you all have a grateful November!

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Jamie Hatch said...

kim, you are looking fabulous! I love it when you update your blog, it makes you seem closer and not so far away. Missing you, I guess. Good luck with the Christmas shopping, I'm rooting for you!