Thursday, August 9, 2012

We are such city slickers...

We finally took the plunge.  I have wanted to add chicks to our backyard for as long as I have had a back yard.  This year some friends finally convinced us to take the plunge with them and become true urban farmers.  The fact that we ordered these chicks from a place called  My Pet gives some insight to how seriously we are taking the title of  'farmer.'  My husband and mother--both of whom grew up taking care of chickens--are rolling their eyes.

We have plans to turn our unused little playhouse into the cutest chicken coop ever.

In the mean time we have the most spoiled fowl around.

Is allowing barnyard animals into the house somehow betraying our five generations of Idaho farmers' heritage? No self-respecting farmer would allow barnyard animals into the house let alone into his shirt, right?

I do remember my grandpa riding around the farm with his dog on the back of the 4-wheeler.  And all of his dairy cows had names (women from the ward...).  He also tamed a pigeon which followed him around the farm, so maybe we come by this naturally.

We were most worried about Beau trying to turn our latest hobby into a snack but it turns out Jack is the true chick predator.  He can hardly keep himself from climbing into the brooder box.

I wonder if we will think this is fun while thawing frozen water buckets in the dead of winter. 


Jamie Hatch said...

Can you see the green? I'm seething with envy! Have fun and let me know all the ins and outs! We went to the fair this weekend and are decidedly ready to fill our barn with animals, just as soon as we get a roof!

sariah said...

How fun! That makes me laugh that your dad named the cows after ladies in the ward. My dad did that with a tractor.....

Becky said...

I've always wanted chickens and horses. Robert wants a goat which I think is a little odd. I think chickens are a great addition to your family. My brothers and sister inlaw have chickens and their 2 kids under 3 have pulled, squeezed, poked those poor chickens mercilessly. They produce so much better than the chickens Robert's mom and dad got who were just fed and watered. They finally got rid of them when winter came and they had to thaw the water!