Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hurricane Season

I don't know how the national news has missed this but hurricanes are running rampant in Idaho this Fall.  Just this morning a gigantic storm caused the disappearance of one of
Landon's shoes (he had to wear basketball shoes...) and one of Austin's shoes (he had to wear size 11 shoes with totally frayed shoelaces).

Papers were thrown about the kitchen and sweaty shirts, socks and shorts were scattered about the bathroom and bedrooms.
Remnants of hastily packed food stuffs (lunch...) are visible all over the kitchen and floor.

In the midst of the chaos this morning one child was mysteriously compelled to play Tarantella over and over on the piano (help me!!!...).

I think we may have to declare this a disaster zone and call in the national guard.  I fear it may take months to clean up the damage.

Who knew September was such a dangerous month in Idaho? 

School began almost three weeks ago.  Dallin and Landon started the first day of school with a football game.  Benson is in school full time (1st grade!) this year leaving me alone in an eerily quiet house with Jackson all day.  He is doing his best to keep me from being bored...and succeeding quite well.

Dallin, Landon and Austin are busy with football everyday which pretty much means I am driving all over town trying to pick-up and drip off to practices, games, scouts and school.  
Landon (76) and Dallin (61) stand the exact same way on the sidelines. They have won every game by more than 30 points so far this year and both have had tons of sacks and tackles which is fun to watch.

Grandma and Jackson

Austin is totally enjoying football this season also--he had three sacks in his first game which is a huge improvement from last year.  He's the biggest kid in the league (in height and weight) and he loves it. 

I'm wishing an actual hurricane would come by and knock all the apricots from my tree so I wouldn't have to feel guilty about not picking them.

This year apricots are extra credit.


sariah said...

I agree about the apricots! I barely touched fruit the fall that Leif was born and I'm BARELY getting back into it now.

Jamie H said...

put a sign in front of your house that says "free apricots- you pick" someone down the street from me did that and I am now in happy apricot land. Apricot syrup, leather and just plain bottled (for smoothies). Trust me someone might be singing your praises! Careful with the weather!