Sunday, February 27, 2011

What did that groundhog say?

Our computer crashed.  Thankfully we have a direct line to a good computer hospital.  (Thanks Sean!).  He managed to rescue our pictures. Yea!

The kids are playing hide-and-seek with all the lights turned off.  The darkness hides the dishes and laundry so all I can hear are sounds of laughter.  Good idea.

I secretly can't wait until basketball is over.  And I accidently "forgot" to sign up for soccer for Jen and Ben.  It starts the day after the baby is due...  Dallin and Landon had two days this last week when they were home less than 30 minutes between 7:15 am and 9 pm.  Exhausting.

Everyone had the flu one at a time over the last few weeks.  There are still remnants of yucky coughs floating around.  As Landon told me this morning (he and Dallin are studying viruses in science) "I have a cough now so I am probably getting better but maybe I need to stay home just for today".  Hmmmm?  Nope.  Sorry Lan.

Jenna has a fever again tonight.  Hopefully we aren't on round two...

In case you are wondering, it doesn't work to fill your ear (if you are using an ear thermometer) with really hot water in order to fake a fever.  It does work to fill your mouth with really hot water before taking an oral temp but the guilty look on their faces usually gives the deceit away.

Rustin and the three big boys spent the weekend at the winter Klondike camp-out.  I don't know why but it is the favorite camp-out of the year for them.  They built and slept in a snow cave and woke up warm and toasty unlike their tenting counterparts.  -2 degrees tends to blow right through tents...

The sun came out on Saturday and they all came home sunburned.  They loved it.

We have six inches of snow outside. The snow forced Austin's school to cancel his ski trip.  Ironic huh.   Last week we had a day when the temperature reached 65.  It made me want to put fake tan lotion on and go out and weed the flower beds.  Except I can't reach my legs or the flower beds...

I have reached that stage of hugeness when perfect strangers look at me with pity and say "oh how much longer until your baby?!"  My answer is always the same.  "A year or so I think."

Actually it is only six weeks but oh what a long six weeks it will be.  I am as big now as I was when I had Jenna.  No wonder I loved being pregnant with Jenna. Cute little less-than-eight-pounder.  Big babies are definitely harder to carry--good thing they are cute!

Pictures to come soon!

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Juli said...

Oh. I miss snow. I don't, however, miss being pregnant. And I understand your mixed emotions about basketball. I felt the same way when soccer season would start. They have soccer practice here at 6 am. I love it. We still get to have dinner together as a family.