Monday, December 20, 2010


We have lots of fun things going on this Christmas season that I really intend to write about.  But I have a lot of distractions that are blocking my writing ability such as...the yucky cough attempting to rip my lungs out, class Christmas parties, rain a.k.a slushy snow, the lingering, lovely smell of a Burned (BURNED) pot of roast beef burned (did I mention?) (did I also mention that I can't smell anything?)  completely to charcoal that is making me compulsively spray Febreese and wash the cupboard doors in the kitchen (honest to goodness smoke damage--which required yet another visit from Summit Restoration; this time they brought an Ozone machine...I can't really talk about it yet--my eyes threaten to let the floods loose every time the stinkin' subject comes up...).  There have been some great things that I am determined to write about so they can be included when I print this blog out into our own family book!  For now I am just going to share a video that made all five kids laugh last night. (Thanks sis.)


sariah said...

What happened with the pot roast??? I hosted Thanksgiving 4 years ago and the turkey roasting pan had a crack so ALL the turkey grease leaked out onto the bottom of the oven while baking. When I went to clean the oven a few days later it was such a terrible mess and I didn't want to scrape it all off. So I just set it to "self clean". Oh boy, was that ever a MISTAKE. Thick billows of black smoke poured out of that oven for hours! We opened the windows all the way even though it was freezing outside-it didn't help a bit. I had to wash all the kitchen walls because they turned grey with smoke and the wood cupboards absorbed the smell. That house had a funny odor for about 2 months. So I totally feel for ya!!

Kimberly said...

I'm just glad to hear the odor went away. yuch.