Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family Memories

Aunt Vaughn and Aunt Virtue (the kids great-great aunts!)with us in Bloomington, Idaho

We went to a family reunion this last weekend. It was my grandfather's family--only two sisters remain. It was such a pretty little drive. I really loved seeing where my family settled. Who can't help love a valley with names like Frog Hollow, Paris and Bloomington?

Aunt Virtue read from her father's journal and for some reason it really struck home with me. I loved hearing about how he would help his wife (my great great grandmother) with the laundry by hauling and heating water for her. It made me realize that I come from a long line of people who loved and served and lived for their families. Even by doing the laundry. I've only met my great aunts a couple of times. I am glad I didn't miss an opportunity to talk with someone who know my grandfather and great grandfather personally. I wish I had talked to my own grandparents about their lives more often. I've missed my chance now, but my kids haven't.

Six of my Dad's nine brothers were at the reunion and they took the opportunity to sing for us. They are really amazing. No surprises there. I don't know how my grandparents raised 12 children who all play the piano and sing at the very least. Not one deviation in the group. And they did it on a teacher's salary in Rexburg. I think it must be genetic.

For those who didn't come--here's a little clip---

Dallin and Landon spent a few weeks in Franklin last week so we drove over and picked them up along with Sam on the way to the reunion. Rustin and Sam drove the four-wheelers over the mountain to Franklin Saturday afternoon. They only took about fifteen minutes longer then we did. It was a lot of fun.


Juli said...

Thanks for putting that on, Kim. I wish I could have been there. I recognize the building - in Paris, right? Dad and the uncles sound great.

Emily said...

I LOVE that video of Dad and his siblings! I've heard of their talent before, but have never seen it. It looks like there are nine of the same guy there (or Dad at different ages in his life!) I LOVE stuff like that... sad I wasn't there.

rebecca said...

That is awesome. And the dance move in the middle is classic. Did anyone stand on a picnic table and shout directions somewhere?