Saturday, August 22, 2015


Jackson can sleep anywhere. 
And he does.  
Even when he was a tiny baby he would nap at a church or Grandma's house or in the grocery store (with me holding him in a sling). 
There is really only one place Jackson doesn't sleep well--alone in his bed!

Jackson goes to sleep with Rustin almost every night.  He will just brush his teeth and run in to snuggle up when he gets tired.  

Jackson also comes in to snuggle with us every morning around 5 or 6.  I used to make the other kids sleep in a bed on the floor next to my bed when they came in during the night.  I think I was worried about them getting used to sleeping with me and not sleeping alone.  Now I don't know why I was so worried!  With Dallin and Landon just a few {nine or so} months away from leaving, I suddenly want to clasp every second I get with the kids home.  When I was younger people used to tell me that they would grow up too fast but I really didn't get it.  Now I do.   I love seeing the kids grow and do fun things and make good choices but I love having them near me! Those moments when Jackson insists on snuggling with his face just inches from my own will go away in no time at all.  
And I will miss them. 

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