Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Sometimes it takes me a few weeks into the new year to really figure out what I need to change/accomplish.  I love the start of a new year because it is such a clean slate!
There are a few things I am working on.
Here we go:

Do something hard every day.  I have been writing these things down each day. One day I made my bed before we got in it to sleep even though I really, really wanted to just lay down on the bedspread that was on top of the mattress waiting for the sheets to get dry.

One day I took the kids skiing and did that one last run with Jenna.  I couldn't walk up the stairs without wincing for three days but I am going again this Friday!

One day I loaded the dishwasher.  Even though it was 9 o'clock which is in my 'I am off duty after dinner' time.  Who's kidding who though.  Mom's are never off dinner.  But I have had a habit of ignoring those few dishes left in the sink way too often.  

So my hard things aren't really that hard.  But for me they are a huge accomplishment and 'by small and simple things are great things ' accomplished.  Right?!

Do something with the laundry every day.  Socks count.  Five minutes counts.  Organizing one drawer of clothes counts.  I think part of my laundry problem (BIG problem) is that I always think I have to do ALL of the laundry if I start.  The clothing situation is getting better.  A little bit at a time.  And the kids are helping.  Once we get things a bit more organized then they can all do their own.  But that's a whole other goal in and of itself!

Do something with the bills/mail/finances each day.  Again this is going along with my aversion to anything uncomfortable.  I hate facing finances so I put it off which only makes is worse.  It's not so bad in little 5 minute intervals.  I don't have to plan our entire retirement and funding of the three missionaries that we will have in about two seconds every time I sit down.  

Kiss Rustin every day. Sometimes we forget to kiss.  And man, that boy of mine is one heck of a kisser!  What more can I say...  :)

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Jamie Hatch said...

Good ones, really good! Mine is to be the mother I want my Children to remember.