Thursday, June 7, 2012

The irises are in bloom, the strawberries are ripe and the kids are out of school.  
It's officially summer.

Our first day home we made a wish list.  Here goes:

Swim at Dierkes Lake.
Go to the Drops in Shoshone.
Have a croquet and badminton party with homemade ice cream (try that salted caramel recipe!).
Float the Bear river.
Hike from Willow flat to Bloomington Lake.
Visit/play with our cousins.
Go to the Drive-in with friends and take our own treats.

And of course I have a million plans to clean, organize and repaint the whole house.  
But I didn't tell the kids that yet...
* Tomorrow is our 17th anniversary! I'm planning to make this for dinner and then take
Rustin out to this to have him all to myself!*

1 comment:

Jamie Hatch said...

wow! That is a great list! Can I come? Happy Anniversary! Looks like fun!