Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A month's worth of life in 12 pictures

Jenna has been practicing every morning--we manage a mere 10 minutes but every bit counts.
 "Put your violin over on your shoulder."  Smart alek.

Benson going to show-and-tell at preschool.  It's always nice to have the kids demonstrate how non-violent and peaceful things are at this house. Pretty sure there are a couple of guns in the backpack.
Jenna and I went to a baby shower in Logan for Ashlee.  Any time now...
And who can resist a cute picture of pregnant cousins hugging.
Rustin and I went with Austin's class on their field trip to Boise.  My favorite part?--
The penitentiary.
The creamy whites and steely gray-blues with a touch of rust and brick.  I am determined to paint my house these colors one of these days...

Here's to looking up! (Boise state capitol building.)
I guess I should have included laundry, bills, dishes, Rustin in a suit (church...), school picnics, flowers and homework.  You'll just have to imagine.  Final count-down--3 1/2 days of school.  Yea!

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