Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eating and Learning

For the last few weeks we have been feeding the puppies a slurry of wet puppy food mixed with some rice cereal. We click for each puppy as they start to eat the food. This will help them to start associating a click with the nice feeling of a full belly.

Last week I started adding a handful of dry food to the mixture. On Tuesday I decided to put out one bowl of dry food and one of wet. To my suprise the dry was the absolute favorite!

They are eating and drinking very well. It's amazing that such tiny bodies can make such huge messes! Molly has weened them to one or two nursings a day. We are seeing lots of playing and learning.

We have been working on sitting to say please. They absolutely love to be picked up and mob the gate when anyone enters their room. The boys and even Jenna and Benson are really good about waiting to pick the puppy that gives up the yipping and jumping and sits down. We will start working with them more individually this week.

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